These are audio plays that I have been unable to listen to. If you have any of these stories I would be very grateful for a chance to hear them.

Argolis Productions & Warwick Way Audios (WW Audio)
01 Changing Times (unfinished, 2 episodes released)

Darker Projects
01 Christmas Tale 2005 [1 episode]

Epic Footnote Productions
01 An Innocent Threat [1 episode | 32 mins]

Eric Busby Presents - Chronicles of the War Doctor
02 Alliance
03 Strange Bedfellows
04 Winter of the Doctors (only first part released)

Fourth Dimension Lords
Fast Return Audiobooks Vol 1
01 Return of a Timelord
02 Link
03 Rebirth of a Splinter

Prio CS Audios
01 Amphibious Conspiracy (unfinished, 1 episode released)

Tardis Library
01 Project W (aka Dream Terror) 2002

These audios are all of unknown status. Meaning I'm not sure if they were either written, recorded, produced or released. In part or full. Any information on these would be great. Recordings would be awesome.

01 The Transformation of the Lady Grey (part recorded)
02 Buried Feelings (unknown status)
03 Species Revolution (unknown status)
04 The Korvellian Paradox (unknown status)
Years Active: 2004

Trebmal Productions (formerly Future Echo Productions)
01 Phoenix Effect

Varga Productions
01 Dreamcatcher

02 Tobias: Shades of Grey (circa 2006/7)


  1. I would really like to get the Whovinaty plays as well as the ones that used to be hosted on westlakefilms.co.uk. Using Archive.org and the WayBackMachine, I've managed to get a few, but I'd like MORE! Do you by chance happen to have access to these plays? I cannot find them anywhere!



    1. Send me an email botcherbys@gmail.com with what you're looking for and I'll see what I can do. I definitely have some of them.

    2. Dear Aaron,

      Many of the Westlake Films productions were on YouTube when I last checked. Also, the Season 27 productions that were hosted there have now also been uploaded to YouTube. I hope that this helps to some degree.

      Best wishes!