Nerva Beacon is a database of Doctor Who fan audio plays. The idea is to create a simple archive of released stories to aid listeners in discovering what's out there. Links and basic information are provided where possible.

It's a one man show. I take care of any and all updates, so if you think things are moving slowly that's the reason right there. I do my best.

The site was originally launched in March 2008 under the name "Botcherby's" - a wordpress blog. In September 2011 a new site was opened at the wiki-farm Wikidot under the name Nerva Beacon. The idea was to add lots more information about content and give each audio play it's own webpage. With only a small number of audios listed the project stalled in March 2012 and went on hiatus.

In May 2014 Nerva Beacon regenerated for the second time with it’s own domain name and a more flashy look than before. But sadly the workload was still too much and the database was never brought up to date.

In June 2017 Nerva Beacon entered it’s fourth incarnation. Back to the basics of a blog layout, with the view that it is more important to have the information out there and manageable rather than reach too far and not serve it’s purpose. I’m happy to say that the site has launched with the most up to date and easily accessible database of Doctor Who fan audio plays I’m aware of.

If you have any suggestions or queries about the site or want to get in touch for any reason, you can reach me via:

botcherbys at gmail dot com

I often forget to check my mail so if the reply is slow don’t take it personally.

I'd really appreciate it if you report any broken links to me. They are the hardest thing to keep track of and I will update them as soon as I'm made aware.

Also if you know of an audio play that isn’t listed here, please let me know, send me a link, better yet send high quality audio files, and I’ll get it updated on the database.

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