Sunday, 6 May 2018

Illusionists and Radio Plays

Before we get started I just want to say a very big thank you to the people who have got in touch with me and shared links to audios that I wasn't aware of. It's given me more to listen to and helped keep Nerva full and accurate. Hopefully it will mean more listeners for all those productions if people follow the links posted here. Now on with the show, although this is just a quick update as I'm a little pressed for time.

Illusionist Productions have released two stories so far in 2018. The Face of Hate takes the base of siege formula and questions who is on the right side of justice. Time and Relative Dimensions in Truth revolves around the murder of an eminent scientist and the web of lies of those under suspicion.

DWAD story The Labours of Travellers continues with episode five.

City Park Radio recently returned to kick off season 3 of their Doctor Audio Adventures. This is a series that had gone under my radar until now. An Australian production with a female Doctor, two in fact as she has regenerated once already. The latest episode, Ruler of Rea, sees the Doctor visit Mestifir - bioluminescent planet of shapeshifters. Lots of streaming options at their site.

And catching up from last year. The Doctor Who Fan Audio Adventures released the final story of their third season - Claustrophobia. "The Doctor receives a mysterious phone call from someone who claims they know him. Are they a liar? Or an old friend? And who is on the spacecraft staying motionless above the world of Nova Alturius? And what could they possibly want?" Plans for Season 4 are already underway.

More audio info on the way...