Friday, 30 March 2018

Dark Pompous Audio for 2018: Episode 1

Hello all. The audio community has been busy. And it's finally time to reflect that here on Nerva Beacon. In fact, so many different producers have been getting creative that it's going to take more than one post to keep things up to date. So this is your first batch of audio plays that you may have missed. Expect lots more to follow soon.

Darker Projects has returned to producing their longstanding Doctor Who series, having released episode 7 of season 4. Salvage Wars Part 1 finds The Doctor and companion Emma in the midst of battle in World War II. Then aliens. Catch up on the whole series on their site.

5 Who Fans continue their aimless wanderings into the humorous side of Who. Giving us a feature length audio in The Pompous Redemption. Where the Doctor spends time living in isolation until an old friend seek him out.

To prove how behind I am on updates here's a couple of Xmas releases. The first comes from Doctor Who Velocity. Following hot on the heels of their visually impressive fan film, it's a lighthearted jaunt involving the search for a Dalek.

Next up are Master Whovians. Who rounded off their full series of audio plays with Pack Up Your Troubles. As the TARDIS is in poor health the Doctor and Emma travel between different conflicts and timezones.

The Afternoon Tea Adventures confidently completed their debut story Widen Your Gaze. An atmospheric period piece in 1950s England. If you like a well acted slice of sci-fi mixed with supernatural themes then check this out. Get all three episodes here -

Meanwhile, The Sarah Jane Adventures wrap up their epic story Archangel. Fancy revisiting Saxon, Harriet Jones, UNIT, and a host of monsters and threats. It's all here over five substantial episodes.

More updates on the way...