Saturday, 2 December 2017

October & November 2017 Roundup

There’s a new producer on the block. Afternoon Tea Adventures has released part one of their first Doctor Who story - Widen Your Gaze.

“The Doctor and Julia are being followed by something inexplicable and inhuman, and in a deserted station along a lonely coastal railway line a ghost train is waiting for them.”

It’s a good quality production with mystery and general Doctor Who peculiarness.

Stream or download from

DWAD released their four part audio adventure Rhythm of the Piper.

“When the TARDIS takes him to Lower Saxony in 1284, he is surprised when he comes face to face with a strange plague afflicting the young of Hamelin. Though what he initially thinks is a terrible illness turns out to be something much worse.“

Download from

Following on from their first season of stories, Master Whovians have released a minisode, The Trip of a Lifetime. Plus they are gearing up for an Xmas special, Pack Up Your Troubles.

Episode and trailer at

The adventures of Sarah Jane Smith continue in Archangel. Sarah investigates the deaths of a family killed in a house fire. Murder and connections to Torchwood soon arise alongside a much bigger story.

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That's another batch of fan fun for you all. There could be more productions out there that haven't shown on my radar yet, so drop me a comment if you know of anything. I will endeavour to have a thorough search for new material in the near future. In the meantime keep your ears peeled for some Xmas releases.